Systemwide Procurement Team

Systemwide Procurement Organizational Chart


Paul Williams

Paul Williams

Associate Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer


Senior leadership staff includes:

  • Debra Almason - Director - Central Travel Management
  • VACANT - Executive Director - Procurement Strategic Transformation & Operations
  • Vickie Hsi - Executive Director - Information, Analytics & Systems
  • Jeremy Meadows - Executive Director - Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Transformation
  • Abim Odusoga - Director - Impact, Policy & Compliance 

Program Management Office

Administrative Staff

Michele Harvey

Executive Assistant


Gurpreet Atwal

Finance Manager

Program Management

Nick Bowerman

Technology Program Manager

Nik Goodyear

Senior Program Manager

Laurence Kruger

Project Manager

Patricio Simpson

Project Manager

Katie Smith

Integrated Procurement Program Manager

Communications & Training

Bara Waters

Senior Officer - Communications and Training

Renea Davis-Leathers

Specialist - Communications and Training

Information, Analytics & Systems (IAS)

Vickie Hsi

Vickie Hsi

Executive Director - Information, Analytics & Systems

IAS - Procurement Systems

Karen Rhee

Director, Procurement Systems

Nathan Mann

Procurement Systems Analyst

Terese Merrell

Procurement Systems Analyst

Kevin Pham

Procurement Systems Analyst

Sneha Thomas

‪Procurement Systems Analyst

Ivy Weirather

Procurement Systems Manager

IAS - Data, Analytics & Reporting

Jiazhi Ma

Director, Data, Analytics & Reporting

Vincent Chen

Operation Analytics Manager

Kathleen Donohue

Data Analyst

Colin Ganter

Data Engineer

Manoj Khalane


Neil Kronenthal

Data Intergration Analytics Manager

Kofi Okine

Data Analyst

Ren Reyes

Data Analyst

IAS - Strategy and Roadmap

Christina Jones

Senior Procurement Systems Manager

Central Travel Management

Debra Almason

Director - Central Travel Office

Yasmin Sidi

Project Manager - Central Travel Office

Debra Stevens

Project Manager - Central Travel Office

Giesel Velez

Information Analyst - Central Travel Office

Impact, Policy & Compliance

Abimbola Odusoga

Abim Odusoga

Director - Impact, Policy & Compliance

Frederick Roots

Associate Director, Policy & Compliance

Joan Kerr

Supplier Diversity Consultant

Amber St. John

Supplier Diversity Consultant

Cynthia Yeh

Project Manager

Strategic Sourcing

Jeremy Meadows

Jeremy Meadows

Executive Director - Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Transformation

Strategic Enhancement (RevGen)

Sean Parker

Senior Director - Strategic Souring Revenue Programs

Robert Stueber

Sourcing and Process Solutions Program Manager

Facilities, Maintenance & Capital Programs

Adrian Ferreira

Director – Facilities, Maintenance & Capital Programs

Marilyn Biscotti

Senior Category Manager – Hospitality & Food

Reynaldo Cano‐Boza

Senior Category Manager

Matthew Hissom

Senior Category Manager


Roshni Pratap

Director – IT Strategic Sourcing

Bala Balakumar

Senior Category Manager

Michael Wegmann

Senior Category Manager

Jennifer Olivo

Category Manager

Life Sciences

Valerie Vergara

Director - Life Sciences

Julie Alvarez

Senior Category Manager

Christine Davenport

Senior Category Manager

Vincent Nguyen

Senior Category Manager

Professional Services

Amanda Marks

Director - Professional Services

Anita Enos

Senior Category Manager

Jose Nicot

Category Manager

Robert Puerzer

Senior Category Manager

Hilary Steinman

Senior Category Manager

Sourcing Support

Preston Wight

Consultant - Strategic Sourcing

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