Supplier Reporting Requirements

As a public institution, the University of California has many reporting requirements that extend to our suppliers. 

As a supplier for the University of California, you are required to document your compliance with university policies, California law, and federal law. These laws apply to all UC locations and compliance is managed by the individual locations. 

Suppliers who meet the various reporting criteria must meet the specific reporting requirements at every UC location where they have an executed agreement.

These reporting requirements are broken down into the following categories.

Reporting Requirements

Wage and Benefit Parity

Certain categories of contracted workers must be provided wages and benefits of equivalent value to those provided to comparable UC workers

Prevailing Wage

Article 25 in the UC Terms & Conditions pertaining to wage requirements

Sales and Incentives

The University of California requires all UC strategic suppliers to report sales and incentives data on a quarterly basis.

Green Spend Reporting Process

This data is required for the UC Sustainability Annual Report.

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