Systemwide Contract Listings

These listings of currently contracted supplier agreements can be used by all University of California locations systemwide. These contracts are organized by commodity categories and are updated monthly. 

UC Procurement awarded these contracts based on a rigorous competitive bidding process focused on pricing, quality, and sustainability. Contract access is available to all UC staff via CalUsource and the OMNIA Partners public sector website – UC's partner in public sector sourcing. 

Recent New Agreements

Cell Signaling Technologies logo
Agreement - LS
May 13, 2024

Cell Signaling Technology | Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Cell Signaling Technology (CST) for discounted antibodies and other lab supplies.
Illumina Inc logo
Agreement - LS
April 09, 2024

Illumina Inc Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Illumina Inc for DNA/RNA sequencing instruments, reagents, discounted equipment service agreements, and research services.
Integrated DNA Technologies logo
Agreement - LS
April 01, 2024

Integrated DNA Technologies Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Integrated DNA Technologies for DNA/RNA sequencing, oligo synthesis and DNA modifications goods and services.

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