Supplier Search Databases & Resources

Small & Diverse Supplier Search Options

Below are three small and diverse supplier search tools by different providers: Explorer Professional (, Cal eProcure (State of CA, Dept of General Services) and SAM (federal government). 

Explorer Professional Resources
Explorer Professional Login                                             Use your SSO credentials to login
Explorer How-to-Search Video                                                                Brief video on how to search for suppliers

Supplier Search Webinar Recording

Supplier Search Webinar Slide Deck (pdf)

Most recent search training (2022) showing new interface & cool new features

Diverse Supplier Search Webinar Recording

Diverse Supplier Search Slide Deck (pdf)

Previous search training (2020) with older interface, but detailed instructions on searching for small & diverse suppliers
Basic Navigation QRG (pdf)Quick Reference Guide on Explorer interface and functionality


Cal eProcure Resources
Cal eProcure Platform Login                                                State of California supplier platform helps you find California certified small and diverse businesses in various categories
Cal eProcure How-to-Search Video                                                        Video showing how to use the Cal eProcure platform to find state-certified suppliers
Cal eProcure System Support                                                           Use this link if you need support for the Cal eProcure platform


System for Award Management ( is a US government website that provides options for searching for federally-certified small and diverse businesses. A free user account is required before searching for entity (business) registrations. After you've created your free user account on follow these instructions: 

  • Click on the Search tab, and then enter part of the name for the business in the Search field.
  • In the search results, click on the View Details link for the business you wish to view.
  • Click on Reps and Certs in the menu bar on the left.
  • Scroll down to 52.212-3 or 52.219-1 and click on the provision to view the certifications.

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