eProcurement at UC

eProcurement (ePro) is a key element in the success of UC Procurement, creating efficiencies and driving spend compliance. The ePro team provides support to commodity managers, suppliers, and stakeholders across the UC system:

  • assisting with systemwide sourcing events
  • reporting on ePro technology enhancements
  • coordinating sharing of best practices between campuses
  • supporting campuses in enabling content.

ePro also manages the multi-tenant uBuy eProcurement platform and administers the University of California consortium catalogs for participating UC campuses.

While individual campuses enable local suppliers on their ePro platforms, our team works with UC systemwide suppliers. If you are interested in becoming a UC systemwide supplier in ePro, please see:

How to Become a UC Supplier

ePro Resources

UC ePro and ERP Platforms | Current and Future

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