Matheson Gases UC-wide Agreement

January 25, 2024
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UC Systemwide Procurement has secured new agreements with Matheson to provide gases, accessories, service agreements, maintenance, software updates, installations, and services systemwide. Matheson produces and supplies industrial gases, specialty gases, and gas handling equipment throughout the United States and internationally, with complete customer solutions and support for their products.

Gases include but are not limited to Laboratory, Industrial, Medical, and related Accessories and Services. Specifically dewars, cylinder gases, including a rental model, bulk, liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, dry ice delivery, equipment hard goods, accessories, as well as maintenance of gases for UC-owned and supplier-owned equipment in compressed and cryogenic form.

View Contract #2023003888

Contact: Christopher Geiser | Matheson Gas website

Benefits to UC

  • 2% patronage of sales

  • Sustainability incentive 2% of sales

  • 20% reduction in helium pricing

  • Last Mile incentive for campuses, not in addition to 2% patronage

  • Protected pricing and supply for UC system

  • Agreement terms that align with UC's needs and are policy compliant.


The RFP team included these UC locations working together: 

Alea Lampman (UCSC) | Alex Butler (UCB) | Benjamin Joseph (UCDHC) | Calli Price (UCSB) | Charles Sabia (UCSF) | Claire Tsai (UCLA) | Dean Shehu (UCSF) | Henry Gutierrez (UCR) | Henry Biliniewicz (UCSB) | Jeff Ledendecker (UCI) | Miguel Estrada (UCSD) | Terese Merrell (UCOP) | Robert Stueber (UCOP).


Bob Stueber | Strategic Sourcing Enhancement Team | UC Systemwide Procurement or contact your local Strategic Sourcing team member.

UC Systemwide Procurement is working hard to ensure effective implementation and full cost savings to benefit you and UC.

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