PLS: A Legacy of Inclusion and Success at UC

April 3, 2024
Premiere Living Services success stories

At the heart of UC's mission lies a commitment to inclusion and diversity, a principle brought to life by our partnership and systemwide contract with Premiere Living Services (PLS) – a temp agency for intellectually-challenged workers. This is the story of how PLS has become an integral part of the UCLA family, championing the integration of individuals with disabilities into their dynamic community.

This journey has been nothing short of inspiring. With over 40 individuals finding their stride at UCLA with PLS support, this success weaves through every corner of the campus. Their partnership stands as an example of progress, from the bustle of UCLA dining halls to the quiet luxury of the Luskin Conference Center.

There’s Diana, whose transition from PLS to a fully-fledged UCLA staff member in Dining Services is a testament to the transformative potential of these collaborative efforts. And Sasha, whose evolution from a PLS participant to securing a full-time role at UCLA demonstrates the potential for growth and professional development through the program.

Joseph, a diligent UC Dominguez Hills student and now a bell attendant at the Luskin Conference Center, reflects the inclusive spirit that defines this program. His welcome contributions and exceptional integration into the UCLA community underscores the synergy between the PLS vision and the university’s ethos.

Beyond individual triumphs, PLS' impact is multifaceted – stretching from operational achievements like digitizing over a decade of UCLA’s documentation to enriching UCLA students, interns, and graduates who benefit from gaining hands-on experience and professional guidance in neurodiversity and related fields.

The Supported Training Employment Program (STEP), developed in collaboration between UCLA and Premiere Living Services in 2019, has been a cornerstone of the program’s success. STEP underlines their innovative approach to job coaching and employment integration with over seven UCLA departments actively engaged. Their future together is bright, with plans to deepen the impact across additional departments and through exciting new collaborations.

The story of Premiere Living Services at UCLA is one of collective achievement and boundless potential. It is a journey that has not only changed lives but has also reinforced the university's dedication to public service, diversity, and inclusion. UC strongly encourages other UC campuses to join in a similarly rewarding venture with PLS, to employ staff members and provide an opportunity for empowerment.

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