Procurement Dashboard Enables Better Outcomes

July 3, 2024
Procurement dashboard home page

Data-driven decision-making is crucial to ensure more efficient and effective procurement operations. An important effort in this area is the development of the UC Procurement Dashboard. The Procurement Dashboard is updated monthly with current and historical data on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including spend, benefits, and supplier diversity, at both systemwide and campus levels, and is used to assess progress in these areas and guide informed decision-making.

The Dashboard was developed as part of the Procurement Transformation Journey that launched in 2022, aiming to harness the collective power of the UC system to deliver efficient and innovative supply chain solutions.

Procurement goals matched with dashboard metrics

Project goals included:

  • Standardize metrics for measuring procurement value and performance
  • Drive results through measurement to increase procurement value
  • Promote transparency and visibility across campuses
  • Centralize a single source of truth for procurement performance
  • Enable and encourage a self-service culture for data and analytics

Project focus and outcome:

  • Establishing a solid data foundation

  • Aligning key metrics to measure at launch, and

  • Piloting a manual version prior to building an automated dashboard.

The automated and interactive Procurement Dashboard built in Tableau was successfully launched in April 2024 and provides a single source of truth on our progress against collective UC spend, benefit and supplier diversity goals. Additionally, the Dashboard’s direct integration with CalUsource, the procurement platform that houses our data, helps significantly enhance data integrity and reliability. Our commitment to continuous improvement includes plans to expand dashboard functionality and measure KPIs on operational efficiency. 

Key lessons learned from concept to launch:

  • Solid data foundation enabling monthly spend refresh from campuses totaling ~$12BN in spend annually

  • Frequent communication and collaboration with stakeholders for feedback and alignment

  • Innovative change management to drive awareness and adoption.

It was an exciting moment in early June 2024, to see the dashboard showing that UC Procurement had already surpassed our initial $296 million target to deliver $339.8M in benefit (and counting)!

Dashboard displaying target matched against achievement

To see details of benefits delivered and diverse and small business spend year-to-date, please visit the Procurement Dashboard via UC Procurement Portal

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