A Remarkable IT Modernization

April 3, 2024
Techie image with IT transformation symbols

The University of California has taken a significant step forward in bolstering its IT infrastructure by awarding 12 comprehensive systemwide IT Consulting agreements with top-tier suppliers with proven expertise. These collaborations are also part of UC’s Lead Agency strategy with OMNIA Partners to enhance advisory and technology support services across our campuses and medical centers and offer these same contractual advantages for use by public and nonprofit agencies across the country.  

An inspiring example of a recent successful IT collaboration is with Slalom Consulting. UC’s partnership with Slalom Consulting offers an expansive suite of services, including cloud solutions from AWS, Microsoft, and Google, as well as expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and various platforms like Salesforce, Adobe, and Snowflake.

Slalom’s work has already had a remarkable impact at UCLA through the Bruin Voice initiative. With Slalom's support since Spring 2022, UCLA has executed a sophisticated multi-wave release strategy to integrate Zoom Phone technology, enhancing the ability for hybrid work and teaching. 

This project alone has seen the successful migration of over 6,000 lines, leading to significant cost savings and minimal user impact, embodying UC’s dedication to innovation and operational efficiency. Thanks to this collaborative effort focusing on infrastructure readiness and change management, the engagement with Slalom has not only modernized the campus but also yielded about $1 million in cost savings.

Slalom expressed their pride in supporting UC and is keen on expanding their contribution across the UC spectrum: “It’s an honor to support the mission of the University of California and your commitment to teaching, research, and public service. We hope to build upon Slalom’s strong track record at the Office of the President, UCSF, and UCLA to contribute at every campus and medical center via our business and technology offerings for Higher Education,” said Jennie Wong, Ph.D., Slalom’s Industry Director for Education.

As UC continues to advance, the Slalom team is eager to replicate the success at UCLA across the system, solidifying UC's reputation as a leader in adopting transformative technologies for higher education.

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