UC Irvine Procurement Advances Toward a Streamlined Future

July 8, 2024
Entry sign to UC Irvine campus

Over the past 18 months, UC Irvine’s Procurement Services has been collaborating closely with campus departments on an ambitious End-to-End (E2E) Procurement initiative. This initiative involves comprehensive workshops aimed at thoroughly examining the current procurement processes and transitioning to a more streamlined and efficient future state. 

Currently, the initiative is in the design phase, where the team is finalizing the envisioned future state. This includes conducting a strategic assessment of necessary changes in processes and procedures, from the time a request for a purchase is initiated until the Purchase Order is placed, which will soon be communicated to campus stakeholders.

Effective change management is at the heart of the E2E initiative. By engaging stakeholders at every stage, fostering a culture of adaptability, and implementing robust training and communication strategies, UC Irvine aims to ensure a seamless transition and successful integration of the new procurement processes and methodologies.

As we work on implementing long-term process changes, we have also introduced incremental improvements. We host weekly office hours to address any questions department buyers may have. Additionally, we conduct a weekly review of all aging and complex requests over 30 days, in collaboration with IT Data Security, Privacy, Risk Services, and Campus Counsel. These efforts have significantly reduced the number of aging requests to just a select few.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move towards a more efficient and effective procurement system at UC Irvine.

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