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Agreements - PS
February 28, 2024

IT Consulting UC-Wide Agreements

SWP launches 12 new systemwide strategic agreements with top-tier IT Consulting firms.

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Sigma-Aldrich (MilliporeSigma) logo
Agreement - LS
May 31, 2024

Sigma-Aldrich Lab Supplies | Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Sigma-Aldrich (MilliporeSigma) for discounted antibodies, chemicals and other lab supplies.
Cell Signaling Technologies logo
Agreement - LS
May 13, 2024

Cell Signaling Technology | Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Cell Signaling Technology (CST) for discounted antibodies and other lab supplies.
Illumina Inc logo
Agreement - LS
April 09, 2024

Illumina Inc Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Illumina Inc for DNA/RNA sequencing instruments, reagents, discounted equipment service agreements, and research services.
Integrated DNA Technologies logo
Agreement - LS
April 01, 2024

Integrated DNA Technologies Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Integrated DNA Technologies for DNA/RNA sequencing, oligo synthesis and DNA modifications goods and services.
PacBio Logo
Agreement - LS
February 15, 2024

Pacific Biosciences Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

New UC-wide agreement with PacBio to provide goods and services for genomics research, sequencing instrumentation, supplies and reagents.
Labviva logo with tagline: accelerating the science of life
Agreement - LS
January 29, 2024

Labviva ePro Content Management System UC-wide Agreement

Labviva UC-wide agreement for ePro content management system for life science purchases.
US helium plant in Texas
January 25, 2024

UC Procurement in the News

UC Procurement outlines risks to medicine and research as helium supplies dwindle and the US helium stockpile is sold to a private gas supplier.
MATHESON Products grouped together
Agreement - LS
January 25, 2024

Matheson Gases UC-wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Matheson for gases, liquid, medical, bulk, dry ice and accessories.
Getinge logo and tagline
Agreement - LS
January 18, 2024

Getinge AB Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

Renegotiated and extended UC-wide agreement with Getinge AB to provide equipment and maintenance services for Autoclaves/Sterilizers, washers and cage washers.

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