Sustainable Procurement Category Information | Information Technology

Key Category Guidelines and Goals

UC Sustainable Procurement Guidelines have set specific standards for Electronics. Electronics includes any product for which an Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT®) certification is available. EPEAT currently includes:

  • PCs and Displays (including tablets)
  • Imaging Equipment (including printers, copiers, scanners and multifunction devices)
  • Televisions, Mobile Phones and Servers.

Purchasing of Electronics must adhere to the following minimum standard:

  • Achieved a minimum EPEAT Bronze-level registration or higher, where applicable;
  • Be Energy Star® rated.

Beyond this minimum requirement, UC prefers and has set spend goals to further drive the purchase of EPEAT Gold-level registered products, where applicable.

The University has also committed to ensure the following best practices when purchasing electronic equipment:

  • All recyclers of the University’s electronic equipment must be eSteward certified by the Basel Action Network (BAN). In cases where the University has established take-back programs with a manufacturer, the University requires the manufacturer to become a BAN-certified e-Steward Enterprise (e-Stewards for Enterprises).
  • Printers and copiers must have duplex printing capabilities and hold their warranty while using 100% recycled content paper.
  • Suppliers shall be required to deliver items to the University with energy efficiency and duplex printing functions enabled.
Sustainable Procurement Guidelines
a companion to the Sustainable Practices Policy

General Criteria 

Some Environmental, Economic and Social sustainability criteria are applicable across all or most different product or service categories. Refer to the Sustainable Procurement Guidelines for general criteria required for applicable categories that must be included in the specifications for all relevant solicitations and contracts.

Sustainable Procurement Solicitation Guidance & RFx Questions

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