UC Partnership Programs Collaborative Branding

The University of California and its 10 campus brands have significant value as premier public research institutions. Internal constituents and global customers expect and rely on the UC campus brands promise of excellence.

The University of California collaborates with a variety of campus and business entities with varying levels of engagement and campus presence. A multicampus or systemwide partnership can vary and is determined based on the relationship level or connection a sponsor has with each campus or the UC system. Approved partners will have the opportunity to:

  1. Associate strategically with the campuses’ brands to strengthen and build their own brand.
  2. Promote to global audiences the diverse culture, innovative spirit, record of success, intellectual leadership, and public value of the campuses’ brands alongside that of the partner.

Multicampus Partnerships

Multicampus partnerships can potentially engage in brand-appropriate co-marketing, trademark cross-licensing, and joint product and service marketing. Multicampus partnerships provide targeted financial commitments and support of products or services to multiple campuses, but do not serve the entire UC system. Such co-marketing efforts may include select approved designations from the campuses. Partners would work with relevant campuses, following relevant guidelines, to create approved co-branded materials.

Please refer to each campus brand guidelines for more information. Please note each campus would work directly with partners to make their own determination on approved co-branded lockups and materials.

Systemwide Partnerships

Systemwide partnerships provide comprehensive, systemwide brand alignment, priority campus services, and revenue generation to all UC campuses. Systemwide partnerships have the potential to receive an “official” or “exclusive” designation and may be allowed to use an approved co-branded UC wordmark. See the University of California Brand Guidelines for more information.

Additionally, systemwide partnerships may have the opportunity to layer on additional branding opportunities with individual campus brands.

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