Green Spend Reporting Process for UC Staff - 2024

Cynthia Yeh, from Systemwide Procurement, provided training covering 2024’s Green Spend data collection plan needed for the UC’s Annual Sustainability Report. The training detailed the data collection and management process, the role of category managers, and the definition of ‘Assigned Campus’.

This 45-minute training video also reviewed the Supplier List, Critical Dates, Assignment list in Smartsheet, and Templates and Tools for data collection.

Campus Training

Remote video URL

Critical Dates

  • April 25 - Category Manager Training
  • May 8 - Supplier Training
  • June 7 - Deadline for Data Set 1 Submission (spend data from July - December 2023)
  • June 7-12 - Systemwide Review of Data Set 1
  • July 24 - Deadline for Data Set 2 Submission (spend data from January - June 2024)
Timeline showing the April - July timeline for the project


Tools to complete the data collection

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