Green Spend Reporting Process for UC Suppliers - 2024

This training provides guidance to suppliers on submitting green spend data for the FY2024 Sustainability Annual Report to UCOP Systemwide & UC Campuses.

View FY2023 Sustainability Annual Report

This year's process includes two submissions. Systemwide Procurement first reviews Data Set 1 before it accepts Data Set 2. 


  1. Data Set 1 covering six months from July 2023 to December 2023
  2. Data Set 2 covering the subsequent six months from January 2024 to June 2024

The training provides a clear understanding of the use of Excel Templates and highlights Critical Data. The timelines and data templates are conveniently located farther down the page. It's important to note that campus-level data is led by an 'Assigned Campus,' a designation irrelevant to suppliers with a Systemwide Contract.


Watch the Supplier Training

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Download the Presentation Deck

Data Templates

Green Reporting Data Templates for Suppliers - by Category
Green Reporting Data - Critical Columns Checklist

Critical Dates

  • April 25 - Category Manager Training
  • May 8 - Supplier Training
  • June 7 - Deadline for Data Set 1 Submission (spend data from July - December 2023)
  • June 7-12 - Systemwide Review of Data Set 1
  • July 24 - Deadline for Data Set 2 Submission (spend data from January - June 2024)
Timeline showing the April - July timeline for the project

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