Reporting Wage & Benefit Parity

WBP Reporting Resources

Contracting for Covered Services

Work customarily performed by employees in the AFSCME Patient Care Technical (EX) and Service (SX) bargaining units

Qualified Individual Tracking

Reporting on workers who meet the QI threshold

If your business is required to report on Wage and Benefit Parity, contact the relevant campus Procurement or Labor Relations department.

Consistent with the University of California’s (UC’s) commitment to its workforce, the Regents enacted Regents Policy 5402 in November 2019, which focused UC work on its current employees and prohibited the contracting out of certain services except in specific circumstances. In January 2020, UC and AFSCME agreed to similar language (known as Article 5) in the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) for their EX and SX bargaining units.

Know the Law - SB-27

In October 2023, Senate Bill (SB) 27 created obligations for suppliers or vendors of certain covered services to the University of California (UC). The text of the bill is available at: Bill Text - SB-27 University of California: vendors. The obligations require vendors to provide:

  1. notice to their employees of the vendor’s employers pre-existing requirement to provide wage and benefit parity with UC; and
  2. basic payroll information to a joint management and labor committee twice a year. 

UC is dedicated to supporting our supply partners in meeting their requirements under this law and has provided training materials, information sessions, and resources to support SB 27 compliance

Learn more about SB-27

Compliance is easier with AgileOne

We are partnering with AgileOne, a system that supports the notice and basic payroll information requirements under the new law. If suppliers do not register and use AgileOne regularly throughout their UC contract term, they will still be required to perform the obligations of SB27 independently. Systemwide Procurement completed the 2021/2022 audits prior to partnering with AgileOne and created training materials for a manual audit process for Wage and Benefit Parity.

It important to understand that non-compliance with SB 27 may result in legal liability for UC suppliers.

Thus, we strongly encourage you to read the entire bill and consult with legal counsel to understand how SB 27 applies to your business.

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