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Ride1Up E-Bike photo
December 15, 2023

New E-Bike Purchase Program

SWP unveils the new UC E-Bike Purchase Program, offering students, staff, and faculty affordable and eco-friendly transportation.

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Cell Signaling Technologies logo
Agreement - LS
May 13, 2024

Cell Signaling Technology | Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Cell Signaling Technology (CST) for discounted antibodies and other lab supplies.
Illumina Inc logo
Agreement - LS
April 09, 2024

Illumina Inc Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Illumina Inc for DNA/RNA sequencing instruments, reagents, discounted equipment service agreements, and research services.
Integrated DNA Technologies logo
Agreement - LS
April 01, 2024

Integrated DNA Technologies Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Integrated DNA Technologies for DNA/RNA sequencing, oligo synthesis and DNA modifications goods and services.
PacBio Logo
Agreement - LS
February 15, 2024

Pacific Biosciences Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

New UC-wide agreement with PacBio to provide goods and services for genomics research, sequencing instrumentation, supplies and reagents.
Labviva logo with tagline: accelerating the science of life
Agreement - LS
January 29, 2024

Labviva ePro Content Management System UC-wide Agreement

Labviva UC-wide agreement for ePro content management system for life science purchases.
Logo for Matheson Gases company
Agreement - LS
January 25, 2024

Matheson Gases UC-wide Agreement

UC-wide agreement with Matheson for gases, liquid, medical, bulk, dry ice and accessories.
Getinge logo and tagline
Agreement - LS
January 18, 2024

Getinge AB Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

Renegotiated and extended UC-wide agreement with Getinge AB to provide equipment and maintenance services for Autoclaves/Sterilizers, washers and cage washers.
Bioneer Inc logo
Agreement - LS
January 08, 2024

Bioneer Life Sciences UC-Wide Agreement

New UC-wide agreement with Bioneer Inc. to provide Oligo and Gene Synthesis, Next Gen Sequencing, qPCR and Molecular Biology solutions.
Eurofins and Takara genomic company logos
Agreement - LS
December 04, 2023

Life Sciences Genomics UC-Wide Agreements

New UC-wide Life Sciences agreements with Eurofins and Takara companies.

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