UC Policies & Legal Documents

Policy Resources and Guidance

Supplier Resources

Supplier Resources

Review these documents to understand UC legal requirements for suppliers.
Staff Resources

Staff Resources

T&Cs, templates for agreements and appendixes, forms for capturing UC, State, and/or Federally required information, and tools to help you use all of the above

These documents and policies apply to every UC location.

UC Terms and Conditions

UC Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions for working with the UC

Data Security

Appendix - Data Security (DS)
Appendix to use with Purchase Agreement when supplier will have access to UC data
Appendix - BAA
Form for suppliers to sign if they are UC Business Associates
Appendix - GDPR (EEA and UK)
Appendix to use when supplier will have access to personal data (General Data Protection Regulation) within the European Economic Area

UC Policy

BFB BUS-43 Purchases of Goods & Services
Presidential policy for Procurement and Supply Chain Management at UC
Business & Finance Policies
General business operations of the university, including accounting and payroll, finance, internal controls, auxiliary operations, housing programs, banking, and risk services.
BFB BUS-63 Insurance Requirements and Certificates of Insurance
The required insurance provisions to be included in contracts between Contractors/External Users and the University
BFB G-39 Conflict of Interest Compendium of Policies
Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy & compendium of Specialized University Policies, Guidelines & Regulations Related to COI
G-28 Travel Regulations
Staff and academic employees of the University, also non-employees, including students, visiting scholars, prospective employees, and independent contractors.

Export Control Compliance

Export Control Infographic
Easy-to-follow 3-step process Export Control Infographic. It contains information on current regulations and a streamlined process.

Federal Funds

Appendix – Federal Government Contracts (Non-Commercial)
Appendix containing a list of Federal regulations that apply when using Federal funds to purchase non-commercial goods or services

Supplier Reporting Requirements

Wage and Benefit Parity

Certain categories of contracted workers must be provided wages and benefits of equivalent value to those provided to comparable UC workers

Prevailing Wage

Article 25 in the UC Terms & Conditions pertaining to wage requirements

Sales and Incentives

The University of California requires all UC strategic suppliers to report sales and incentives data on a quarterly basis.

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