IT Infrastructure Agreements

UC Procurement offers systemwide agreements reflecting deeply discounted prices for IT infrastructure products in five categories: routers and switches, wireless, firewalls, servers, and storage. With these discounts, UC can achieve a projected financial benefit of $16M per year – for up to five years. As more departments leverage these agreements for IT infrastructure spend, the greater the total benefit to UC will be.

Agreement Advantages:

Buying through these new agreements offers significant benefits to UC organizations:

  • Low Cost. Purchasing organizations get excellent pricing. If they have high volume, they are also free to try to negotiate deeper discounts.
  • Speed. No further competitive bidding is needed. Organizations just choose the product, buy, and install.
  • Flexibility. Two or more options are provided for each product category; organizations select the product that works best in their environment.

Buying from these Agreements:

The chart below lists products offered and manufacturer or reseller sales status. Most agreements also include professional services for installation, implementation, configuring, etc.

To purchase using these agreements:

  1. Contact your local Procurement office to get pricing information.
  2. Follow your local Procurement office’s purchase procedures.  


Product CategoryProduct / ManufacturerSeller / Reseller
Routers and SwitchesCiscoePlus
 PANWorldwide Technologies
 Pure StorageWorld Wide Technologies

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